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We believe that DLCT’s success should be an outgrowth of our being a benefactor to the communities in which our productions are staged.

We believe that no matter who you are, where you live, what your economic status is or your age,

you can benefit from the experience of live theatre.

We believe that “amateur ‘” or “community” theatre does not equal unprofessional productions. 


We run our organization on the understanding that HE+HQ=HPI  ---High Ethics + High Quality = having a High Positive Impact for those who participate in our productions or attend our productions.


DLCT will involve Detroiters and surrounding community members in an array of experiences in live theatre, from production planning to

the mounting of and acting in stage plays,

and will be supportive to local businesses surrounding its venues.


1.  Seek out and cultivate local talent;
2.  Produce shows using a variety of age groups,

     culture sets, and experience levels;

3.  Build teamwork and other skills through the

     unifying activities required to mount

     productions; and

4.  Be a conduit for local businesses to

     showcase and sell their products.



Our corporation’s values include  fiscal integrity and accountability, honoring talent and creativity at all levels, and producing family-friendly productions in order for all ages to have opportunity to experience and enjoy theatrical art -- whether they do so on stage, behind the scenes, or in the audience.  


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